A Letter to Colomont Shareholders

Colomont CBD

A letter to Colomont Shareholders and Interested Parties from the Board of Directors:

In the face of these uncertain and difficult times during the Covid-19 pandemic we hope that each and every one of you and your families are well and staying safe and cautious. At the same time Colomont has been humbled by the continuing support toward our company and the continued interest of our investors. 

Team Colomont has been working tirelessly to continue paving the way in the hemp sector. Big changes have been recently made. Colomont is proud to announce that we have created a new website on a completely new platform at www.Colomont.com. The ease of use and navigation are exceptional. We have unrolled the carpet into a few new areas of the website as well.

Colomont now has a Customer Rewards Program. We are asking ALL of our Shareholders to join the “COLOMONT REWARDS” Program. In doing so you will help our administrators improve the future steps of important communications and information transference to a superior functioning system. It is free to set up and easy to use. 

Once signed up you will receive points for purchases, birthdays, and much more. Points may be used to get money off on products of your future purchases. Anytime you sign into your personal dashboard portal you can track all NEW purchases and correspondences as well as your accumulated points. 

Colomont has also upgraded our Independent Sale Member Affiliate Program. It’s much simpler to become a member. In your personal affiliate portal dashboard, you get to see all the action in real time. You get to see all purchases made, and commissions paid. We now offer Independent Sales Members a chance to recruit and sell Sales kits and earn commissions (this is a game changer for the motivated salesperson). You also get to control your account commission payment accounts and ease of changing your own discount codes. Not only do you get to use codes but there is also a link-based system. Send the link and when someone uses it you get the commissions. Personalized settings for real time notifications when you earn commissions.  

Changes you will see in the near future concerning our product line: Colomont Marketing Team is working with a Local Vermont design company to assist in the completion of our branding change specifically labels and packaging of our products. The new look and congruency throughout branding will be exemplified on our website and in the hands of the consumer.


The new and improved website has simplified all processes and has many attractive consumer perks. Between rewards programs, and changes made to the independent sales program. We forecast a greater conversion rate of sale and average order value higher and more frequent then previous. 

As shareholders you are part owners of Colomont Inc. We ask you to please visit our website and dig through everything we have to offer and visit often as improvements are continuously made. Please like Colomont on social media (help promote your company). Please share post so we may help more people through a broader reach. This is going to take all of us doing our part.

One of Colomont’s ultimate goals we work towards is to be a Global Standard for Vermont Hemp to the consumer. With all the support you have awarded us it has brought us to where we are today. 

Thank you for the continued support.


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  • I have repeatedly, very frustrating issues with the performance of this company. I love Chris Santee! He has been fabulous in resolving issues that the staff would not/could not resolve. The chat session on the website states that you will receive a response immediately, you do not. Emails have gone unanswered and instant messenger gets no response as well.
    As a share holder, this causes great concern for me. I have never dealt with a company that has such astoundingly poor response to their customers.
    Again, aside from Chris Santee, I find this company severely lacking in their support and basic administration. Please! Hire someone who is efficient in customer support!

    Cheryl Buchanan
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