A Letter to Colomont Shareholders

Colomont CBD

A letter to Colomont Shareholders and Interested Parties from Chris Santee, Founder and CEO:

News for Colomont Shareholders
January 4, 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Colomont is pleased to announce that we are commencing our seventh year in the hemp industry and the company continues to grow at a steady pace. While the growth may not be as rapid as hoped six years ago, Colomont has successfully overcome many unforeseen obstacles in this exciting new industry.

Our customers consistently report remarkably improved lives by using Colomont CBD.

According to our users, we have now helped hundreds with a wide variety of ailments, but without scientific testing Colomont cannot yet substantiate those claims. With that in mind, we will soon be announcing a new Director of Clinical Trials soon. Our new director will coordinate our efforts with doctors and hospitals to hopefully prove these encouraging claims through scientific trials.

In our seventh year, we are definitely one of the most experienced hemp companies in Vermont.

We certainly admit that we have made some mistakes as we moved along in the new business, but we have learned from them and become stronger. We have watched many competitors close their doors, but we are very happy to report that we are stronger than ever.

We are also very pleased to announce that our Sales are currently outpacing our Expenses and due to that, Colomont stopped selling Shares of the company to raise operating capital back in September of 2020.

While Colomont is not financially able to purchase Shares back at this time, we hope to discuss this as early as summer 2021. After that, we are hoping to distribute a portion of profits in dividend checks to the remaining Shareholders if our growth continues.

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Thank you,
Chris Santee
Founder & CEO