Trace the history of mankind back to its’ earliest civilizations and you will find that hemp and honey were catalysts for human development all over the globe.Both honey and hemp were naturally-occuring and easily cultivatable given the tools of the day. And both crops were very versatile. Hemp was used to make cloth and paper - to name just a couple of uses.

According to a piece on globalcannabinoids.com 

"CBD has been touted to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, pain, and it may even be good for your heart. Some people seem to find that CBD may contain anti-psychotic properties … others claim CBD also benefits people who suffer from epilepsy and diabetes. These benefits may explain why so many people are interested in combining CBD with honey."

In ancient times, raw honey was prized as much for its' medicinal value as much as for its’ taste. Today, the trend continues with the introduction of CBD-infused honey.The same article on globalcannabinoids.com continues: "Honey has been used for centuries as a sweetener and antibacterial ingredient, and it is currently used in everything from teas to facial masks. When honey is combined with CBD oil, its antibacterial and analgesic properties are increased. Because it can be mixed so easily into honey, CBD can be easily consumed in everything from teas to toast to sweet treats, and people will be helping their bodies feel better every time they choose to indulge.”

Colomont now offers CBD infused honey on its’ website. The 5.5 oz. jar can be ordered in 250 mg or 500 mg infusions and Colomont’s CBD honey is 100% pure, raw and natural. This Honey is unpasteurized which provides our bodies the ability to retain all enzymes, amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Colomont’s Honey comes from local Vermont bees, producing from local Vermont pollen.

Sources: https://globalcannabinoids.io/cbd-honey/

Colomont CBD


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