One of the first uses of hemp was in making fiber that was turned into cloth and paper. But even back then, folks recognized this amazing plant had more to offer.

According to an article on the www.mit.edu website, "Hemp was probably the earliest plant cultivated for textile fiber. Archaeologists found a remnant of hemp cloth in ancient Mesopotamia (currently Iran and Iraq) which dates back to 8,000 BC. Hemp is also believed to be the oldest example of human industry. In the Lu Shi, a Chinese work of the Sung dynasty (500 AD), we find reference to the Emperor Shen Nung (28th century BC) who taught his people to cultivate hemp for cloth. It is believed that hemp made it to Europe in approximately 1,200 BC. From there, it spread throughout the ancient world.

China appears to have the longest continuous history of Hemp cultivation (over 6000 years). France has cultivated Hemp for at least 700 years to the present day, Spain and Chile similarly. Russia was a major grower/ supplier for hundreds of years.

The Chinese were the first to recognize the usefulness of hemp in paper making. In approximately 150 BC, they produced the world’s first paper, completely from hemp. The oldest documents written on paper are Buddhist texts from the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD, composed of a mixture of bark and old rags, principally hemp."

But even those wise ancestors from half a world away and 8,000 years away knew there was more to hemp than met the eye.

The same article explains: 

"Hemp has been used as medicine throughout the world for centuries. Folk remedies and ancient medicines refer to the curative values of the leaves, seeds and roots. The seed and flowers were recommended for difficult childbirth, convulsions, arthritic joints, rheumatism, dysentery and insomnia."

Today, Hemp is still used for many of the same purposes and for the same reasons.  

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Like all agricultural products, premium quality plants produce the best results. Whether it's corn, peas or pumpkins, the better the seed stock and the more optimal the growing conditions and the practices employed by those tending the crop make the difference between a great harvest and a good one.

That's why Colomont does all it can to make sure its products are made the finest of hemp strains so we can assure our customers that just as they are doing their best for themselves when they invest in our products, they can be assured we are doing the same to ensure we are offering the highest quality products we can deliver.

Sources: https://www.mit.edu/~thistle/v13/2/history.html

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